Dissertation printing

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The newest technologies in thesis printing

As a dissertation specialist, we keep a close eye on the latest developments in production. We like to have the best in house. To ensure we have vibrant colors and a detailed print with regards to images and text. That’s what we call thesis printing with high quality.


Dissertation printing: our paper types

We currently have 4 standard paper types. Thanks to years of experience, the selection is best suited for theses. If you want something other than this selection, this is of course possible.

Indicate to our theses specialists what you want, so that this can be realized. We also have a manual with samples available.


115 gsm G-Print is our most popular type. It is a smooth paper with a natural white hue. Perfect for any type of print.


100 gsm HVO is a a matte paper with a bright white hue. Easy reading and perfect for text. Great for photos and figures, slightly more matte in appearance.


100 gsm Biotop is a a matte paper with an ivory white hue. Easy reading and perfect for text. Great for photos and figures, slightly more matte in appearance.


100 gsm Recycled is a matte paper with a light gray hue. The material is 100% recycled. Great for photos and figures, slightly more matte in appearance.

Additional options


You can have an invitation made as a bookmark for the promotion defense. We make this for free as service with your thesis, and print it with the cover.

If you want an original bookmark, then different forms and wishes are possible at additional costs.


In addition to the invitation as a bookmark, you can have extra invitations made. For example, the party or dinner. If you have chosen an online publication, it is possible to place a QR code on the invitation. This links to your online publication.


At some universities it is required to have propositions with your defense. As service, we provide these for free with your thesis. Printed on an A5 format, usually on the same paper as the inside pages of your thesis.

Cover possibilities for your dissertation

There are various options to enhance your cover and to give the design extra attention.


It is possible to have several copies of your thesis made in hardcover. These have a hard, non-flexible cardboard, which gives a great look. You can gift these to for example, family or friends.

Contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

Cardboard types

Various types of cardboard. For example, natural cardboard with a white printing.

White printing

On a kraft cardboard it can be very nice to print this with white ink.

These are often minimalist designs. To make the paper stand out and to maintain good contrast.

Spot UV

Spot UV coating is used for applying a glossy layer at specific spots on a matte laminated cover. We also have raised Spot UV coating. This raised version is better visible and also tactile.


Your text and image are printed on the cover in relief, either embossed or debossed.

Foil printing

You can have foil applied to the cover for a luxurious look. Various colors of foil are possible such as gold, silver or bronze.


With die-cutting you can have any desired shape cut out of the cover. You can also punch a specific design to a desired shape. Think of the invitation as a bookmark or the extra invitation for dinner or party.


Alles ging volgens planning en was naar mijn zin

Ik ben zeer tevreden met het eindresultaat en het proces waarbij alles op tijd en volgens plan is verlopen.