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Choose the number of copies

How many theses do you expect to need? This can be an estimate and can be changed later.

How many books do you need? You can specify different number of copies.

How many year books do you need? You can specify different number of copies.

Number of copies
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Specify the number of copies


Choose a size

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Specify the width and height in mm (minimal 100mm)


Choose the printing of the inside pages

Do you want the inside pages printed in black and white or in colour?


Choose the number of inside pages

The number of (color)pages can be an estimate and can be changed later.

Total number of pages
Number of black pages
Number of colour pages
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Specify the number of pages for all fields


Choose the type of paper for the inside pages

All our paper types are FSC certified. The label for sustainable and responsible forest management.

Do you also want to see and feel these types of paper?

Choose to receive our free Manual, in the last step of this request.


Choose the print of the cover


Choose the finish of the cover

270 grs Sulphate board, is our standard for the cover. More types are available on request, such as natural cardboard.


This is a standard finish and protects the cover. The choice for this can be adjusted later. There are no differences in costs per type.

Extra options

Embellish the cover with an extra option. Whether this is applicable can be discussed with one of our specialists.

Pay attention:

Choose a laminate for the cover


Choose the design options for your thesis

We have various packages for the layout and design of your thesis.

Inside pages

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Online publishing

A complete PDF of your thesis will be provided for free after the process. These additional options are if you also want the thesis placed online.

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